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Hardcore Porn

Posted by via01 on November 28, 2008

If you have ever been on an adult website before then you definitely know what hardcore porn is. It is a form of pornography which depicts a sexual act in a very explicit form. Unlike soft core pornography, which doesn’t show any close-ups of genitalia, this particular type of adult visual products is aimed at providing the full display of sexual intercourse without any censorship or restrictions. And in contrast with erotica, hard pornography doesn’t have any particular artistic goals in its core, being created only for the sole purpose of sexual arousal and entertainment to adults.

Hardcore porn comes in a variety of forms and has been around for decades since the middle of the 20th century. Earlier this type of visual entertainment was considered as illegal and banned all over the world. But the sexual revolution of the 60s has brought up the theme and made many countries legalize pornography or set loser restrictions on it. Since then the world has seen a fast expansion of pornography production of all kinds and Medias. The most typical forms of pornography are photography, videos and magazines. There are also many pornographic writings and the most recent media — cartoons and comic books.

Throughout the years pornography was one of the most rapid growing business sectors, with revenues matching

those of mainstream box office in our days. The production of pornographic movies and photos was and still remains a very attractive activity because of steadily increasing demands for all types of pornographic products. There are countless sub-niches that can be included in hardcore porn. These vary from gay and lesbian sex to specific sexual activities like bukake or bdsm plays. For any demand there’s a supply and people behind the scenes of porno are always ready to meet the viewers’ needs.

A major boost in pornographic production was observed in the 90’s with the rapid development and expansion of the Internet. It became a very fruitful ground both for porn viewers and porn producers, and today it is considered as the largest generator of traffic on the web. With millions of people accessing all sorts of porn sites each day, online pornography generates a great amount of money and has de facto the biggest share in online economy with a constant growth of demand.


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Hardcore? Defined!

Posted by via01 on November 18, 2008



  • Hardcore punk, a heavier, faster version of punk rock
  • Post-hardcore, a musical offshoot of hardcore punk.
  • Hardcore dancing, a form of mosh dancing or slam dancing
  • Melodic hardcore, a subgenre that’s more melodic than traditional hardcore
  • * Hardcore techno, a style of electronic music typified by a fast tempo and the rhythmic use of distorted and atonal beats and samples
    o Breakbeat hardcore, shares its rhythm lines with breakbeat
    o Hardcore breaks, written in the style of old skool rave music or breakbeat hardcore using modern technology
    o Happy hardcore, typified by a very fast tempo and ‘happy’ lyrics
    o Gabber hardcore, a subgenre of hardcore techno characterised by its bass drum sound
    o UK hardcore, born in the early 90s in the United Kingdom
    * Hardcore hip hop, a subgenre of hip hop characterized by confrontational lyrics and gritty beats


  • Hard Core, the 1996 debut album by Lil’ Kim
  • Hardcore (album), a 2004 album by Daddy Freddy
  • Hardcore ’81, a 1981 album by D.O.A.
  • Hardcore, a 1997 album by Neophyte
  • Wrestling

  • Hardcore wrestling, a style of professional wrestling
  • Pornography

  • Hardcore pornography, a form of pornography that features penetration
  • Film and television

  • Hardcore (film), a 1979 film written and directed by Paul Schrader and starring George C. Scott
  • Comic books

  • Hardcore (comics) a Marvel Comics villain.
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